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Anima's Conquest - Book One: Chapter 4
Alina knocked quietly on the door of the guest bedroom where Meredith had settled in.  The visions she had experienced nights before continued to weigh heavily on her mind, despite her efforts to push them into her unconscious, where they would be more efficiently and accurately deciphered.  Meredith opened the door with a subdued yet genuine smile on her face, looking and feeling far brighter and more alert than she had for a long time. “Good morning, Alina.”
“Good morning, Ms. Meredith. It seems as though you are well. I am glad to see this, this is good,” Alina replied and patted Meredith’s bony shoulder. “I was worried it would take it much longer for you to, ah… all the way bring back your… what was it?”
“Clarity? Energy?”
“Ah, yes. This sounds correct. Both correct.” Alina said in a hedging tone.
Meredith gave her a playful smirk.  “You really needa work on your English.  You s
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Anima's Conquest - Book One: Chapter 3
The delicate sound of piano music came from the speakers of a laptop in the corner of David Abernathy’s basement; airy, yet piercing, like a breeze on a winter’s morning.  He stood in front of a large table covered with laboratory equipment and rubbed the back of his neck with a heavy sigh.  He carefully filled ten glass bottles with a pale green crystalline powder he had just scraped from a tray, making sure his hands didn’t shake too much from exhaustion.  The powder had a strong smell to it, like copper mixed with a hint of floral perfume.  Once he finished filling the bottles, he put them in a safe in the corner of the room. This safe already contained many bottles of this powder, as well as several bottles of fluid – some clear, some red.  David straightened his back as he turned back to the table and grabbed a handful of empty test tubes, some of which were streaked with blood, and he took them into the bathroom.  It was a sma
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Up on the mountaintop to which I drove
Braving narrow and treacherous, rocky, starlit roads
I whispered down my news, I did not care if the world could hear
And then, in perfect unison, the wild dogs cried out -
Their choir filled me with such pointed, monolithic doubt
I asked myself over and over if I am meant to be here
Just like how, back in town, when I'd watch the people dance
In their white suits and gowns thinking I'd never stand a chance
Not in these colors that shift between the harsh rays of the sun
Sprouts embedded in my palms, I have only just begun to think at all
To dim the lights down when I walk you through my hall
With sour snarls and fangs, they say they love me
They say they bite and shove for my own good
I'll try to find my kin wearing the skin of these beasts
But I'll never fall in line exactly as they say I should.
The cold air blew so sharply against my exposed cheek
My blood dissolved all desire I had to remain weak
I heard a voice that told me gently that it wa
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Anima's Conquest - Book One: Chapter 2
Numbed by a combination of exhaustion and tension, Alina did not say much to Brian during the car ride back to her designated cottage in Lancaster County.  Her tired eyes stared blankly at the bright red brake lights blurring in the streaks of rain on the windshield as the car crept through traffic in the exit lane for I-76 Westbound.  Despite her glazed-eyed, slack-jawed expression, Alina’s posture betrayed a deep anxiety.  Brian, who paid close attention to all of Alina’s mannerisms at every opportunity, noticed this immediately.
               “Is everything okay? You’ve been waiting for her transformation and your hand in it for quite some time – perhaps since your childhood. I bet you’d never see your dreams come true quite to this extent, huh? So why do ya seem so down, as if you’re playin’ out the catastrophe of catastrophes in that mind a’ yours? You always looked like t
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Mentors and Menders
Hello again, you've come so soon
I see you were impaled by your own silver spoons
So come to my arms, I mean you no harm -
Through all of my bliss, I have still missed you.
Who will defend the defenders?
Who will play the role of your mentors and menders?
The questions I sent, the provisions I lent you
All came back marked "Return to Sender"
So to see you now puts my wild mind at ease -
I worried, without me, you'd have lost your keys
Or lost your way as they'd say I lost mine
But there's not much in names - we all got here just fine.
Was it quicker for you than it was for me?
All the false starts I had were pure misery.
All that gold ink and the fire I would drink could not wash it away.
The stars burned so brightly through the shroud of night, I may as well have traveled by day.
Now, I hope my lack of self-restraint
Never kept me for one moment from easing your pain
Some days I still taste something harsh and ferrous -
Dulled awareness, laid to waste
Here comes the blood, here comes
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Clouds coat the sky like the warmth of dreams
As I stand before the stump of an old maple tree
And I pray that, by some grace, time will stand still
I'll hold hands with the breeze and I'll drink my fill
Of liquid mirrors, of fallen leaves, of moonlit snowbanks pierced with reeds
And streaked with blood, and there, I will hide from the eyes of the stars -
Their cold light, that stern glow, that merciless judge.
Still, the cosmos and all it contains runs wildly, frantically inside my veins
Those swirls and clouds show through my skin
Spread too thinly to hide the storms within
And the voice of every deity to which mankind has bowed
Has echoed in my ears for so long and for so loud
That I have long forgotten the sound of my own.
Now, if I were to hear its tense timbre on the breeze
And, like a hunter, track it to its source -
What if I listened, with my mind, for once, at ease
And it led me on to a derelict course?
I'd shoot the angels from the sky, they'd curl up in feather beds
That wo
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Anima's Conquest - Book One: Chapter 1
Alina listened to the soft sound of rain against the large window of the dimly-lit dining room where she and Brian sat.  He watched her with a placid look on his stubbly face as she worked steadily on an English exercise out of a textbook – one of many books he had given her to study from since her move to Pennsylvania ten years ago.  Periodically, her face would take on a preoccupied expression and her eyes would drift around the room, looking at the tall bookshelves on which large amethyst crystals and sculptures of angels (true to Biblical descriptions – elongated, clawed, with many eyes and many wings) served as book-ends, or at the bag of gifts she had placed at her feet.   She sighed quietly and played with the silver snake ring on her index finger, moving it up and down with her thumb.  
“They’ll be down here soon,” Brian stated.  “I think Brenda’s havin’ trouble getting out of bed.”  He leaned b
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Anima's Conquest - Book One: Prologue
“They were men once, long ago – they wrote our myths and built our tools  while we fought for dominance and established hierarchies and standards, founded upon nothing but the passions and aversions of those in power.  They were torn from this world under mysterious circumstances, only to develop elsewhere, adapting to another environment.  They shall return to us little by little in a covert and disorganized manner and, in its pernicious blindness and visceral aversion to all things holy, the world shall react to them as if they were monsters and keep them under its heel - that is, until the arrival of the Conduit, Ren-Marite. She shall gather them and lead them on a mission to reclaim their true form and their rightful place on this Earth, whether the world is prepared for them or not.  Our worlds shall be merged, and those of us who prepare ourselves shall ascend to a higher state of being, while those who do not will die from the sheer pain of the
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I am an author and a musician. I primarily write science fiction, paranormal horror/mystery, and urban fantasy. Sometimes I dabble in philosophical work. As a song-writer, I also enjoy writing poetry.

My work tends to center on themes of spirituality, depth psychology, and issues concerning women and the neurologically atypical (ex. autistic, ADHD, etc.) Whether or not these themes are stated outright in my work, they are nearly always present. My work also tends to have a subtle undercurrent of dark humor and surrealism.


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